Growing up in Samburu was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Yes Dreams are valid!!! Who even thought or imagine that the girl in green and red uniform can ever see beyond her Mama’s Manyatta? At least I have something to show my children in future. I went to school without shoes. I lived in a wooden house called Manyatta(Smoky), every weekend I took care of my Parent’s sheep, we were a group of 4 girls and we hunt whenever we are in the forest. Life was so beautiful and simple. All we saw around us was nature. We liked hunting Gazelles and Rabbits (hehehe you are only allowed to drink rabbit’s soup when you have a chest problem in my culture lol), shhhhh don’t tell my Dad I did. It’s not that we were poor I mean to do all these, it’s simply because I come from a humble community known as Samburu who see nothing beyond the nature. Perhaps that’s why my little boy is so attached to the culture. Am gonna teach my kids the roots and culture. I might be in Europe, but my Culture lives in me forever.

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