About Us

Our main Agenda is to bring people closer to our beautiful Culture. When I was a small girl, my Dad worked on such a tour Company where he was as well one of the partners. They brought mainly university Students from USA and they would do everything that we did. And to me it was the best experience of my life. We connected with them as if we were family. And 30+years later I met some of them on Social Media. We learnt a lot from each other by then. From totally different Cultures and backgrounds. We had Language barrier but to be honest, it didn’t seem to be a big deal. We intend to bring people despite of Age, Color or background to experience the Simple and beautiful Culture. We are still very traditional.

After moving to Europe, i started my own business in the intention of giving back to my community through Beadwork. So I started, shop.samburu.at. I connect with a lot of people through this Business, who are very interested on my Culture. So I thought ”what would be so good than to be told?” then i got the answer”Definately to see it for themselves”and of course I could follow my Dad’s footsteps.

By this we mean Home Stays.

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