Samburu Rainy Seasons


1:SOMISO OIBORR- Short rainy period which may occur in February.

2: SOMISO OROK: -Short rainy period which may occur in March.

3: NKOKUAI/NKAKWAI- Short rainy period which may occur in the month of June coinciding with the appearance of the Pleiades ( nkakua).

4:RRURRUME:- A short rainy period which may occur in late December and it rains for only two days.


1: LNG’ERNG’ERUA – The name of long rainy period which starts in the month of March until the end of the month of May.

2:LORIKINE: It is the name of the long rainy season which begins in the months of June and ends in the month of August.

3: LTUMUREN:- Is the name of long rains which falls in the months of October, November and December.

NOTE: Of these three long rains periods we the Samburu people consider “LTUMUREN” as a female rain , because it displays some characteristics that are proper to women. As a matter of fact it rains in torrents with long peals of thunder and alot of striking lightning that creates countless of troubles. The other two rainy periods ( LORIKINE, AND LNG’ERNG’ERUA) are considered as male rains because the rains does not come so heavy , the lightnings are weak and the sound of thunders is compared to that of the warriors. . According to the Samburu way of thinking these two periods of rain are the most blessed time for an old man to die.

If it happens that an old man dies during the period of “LTUMUREN” people feel quite baffled and are not satisfied until they find a reasonable explanation for its cause.

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