Typically and traditionally, Samburu people use no instruments or even drums in their songs and dances.

Samburu don’t have musical instruments. Percussion of their sticks, clubs, spears, clapping of hands and effective use of the human voice to produces the unique songs and dances

From the haunting Lebarta, that stirs deep emotions to Mparinkoi that is the samburu Anthem.

They have dances for various occasions of life. But no matter what the occasion, the men primarily dance by jumping. A high vertical jumping from a standing position like a competitive sport.

Most dances involve the men and women dancing in separate circles with specific moves for each sex, while still coordinating the moments of the two groups.

The central musical theme of the dances is a deep reverberating male vocal sound, a rhythmic chanting hauntingly similar to the territorial call of a lion.

Warriors move with a series of astonishing vertical leaps (Ariik Maasani), fiercely encouraged the shouts of other vocal observing warriors while the ladies bounce, flip and swirl their magnificent collars of beads.

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