Woman's Day.

A woman in Samburu is the heart of a family. They believe that a family without a woman is”Dead”. However, in the past and even still now, women in Samburu have no rights to many things. They could not stand in front of Men and give their opinions. In short their opinions doesn’t count.

Education was mostly for Boychild, Girls were to be married and form their own family. They arrange marriagesto them. They are victims of FGM.

But thanks to the few people who are making all these change. Educated girls are giving back to the Community. We celebrate all Women around the world.



The Samburu women both of the past and the presence are the icon of our community. Besides their striking beauty, they are women of excellence and deserves double respect and recognition.

We are because they were. Apart from bringing up their young children and caring their husbands our mothers were kind to strangers. They portrayed great hospitality and generosity. They served the community as midwives to ensure the safety of the newborn baby and the mother.

Our great grandmothers were virtuous in character. They guided and adviced the young women , looked after young children and at night entertained them with stories which plays a great role in teaching morals.

These women of excellence were industrious besides their household chores they were shepherds even while pregnant .Some of them even gave birth while away from home looking after animals or fetching water and firewood.

HUMILITY is their strength although some people mistake it as their weakness.They highly respect their dear husbands. They love unity and team work. You can see them helping one another to build a house , going to fetch water, collect firewood and gather wild fruits together.

During ceremonies they play a great part , making calabashes, cloaks, houses etc. Whenever there is a celebration they make sure they take milk to make it successful.

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