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My name is Peninah Lesorogol, I am the founder of Samburu Beads Shop. I come from the Northern part of Kenya, a place called Samburu. Samburu is both a name for the place and it is also for the tribe which is among the 42 Kenyan tribes. As the Samburu tribe, we have retained our rich culture and this has been passed through generations. Currently, I live in Austria but this has not changed the perception of my culture, my Culture lives in me forever. I started this business to support Women in my Village where they make beads and I find markets for them here in Europe. Among the women are also young girls who pay their school fees through beadwork. Being born and raised in Naiborkeju village and in Samburu county, I have always wanted to change the position of Women in my tribe. They depend so much on Men, so I started Beadwork to Empower them and give them the opportunity to earn their own income. My family gave me an opportunity that these Women never had, that’s education. I am one of the first girls  to go to  university in my village so I have a responsibility to show my community that Educating girls and giving them opportunities equally as boys is very important. So I am giving back to the same people who believed in me and who made me fight against all the odds. Every time I asked my grandmother a question for example”Who said girls should not go to school?” She always told me “The first Man said” but three years ago before my Grandma passed away at the age of 105 years old, her last words to me were” In 100 or 200 years to come, when a child asks Grandma the same questions like you asked me, she will say the first Woman said, and that woman should be you”. 

By buying our jewellery, you will be giving this Women and girls an opportunity to overcome poverty, dependency and it’s a perfect opportunity to create healthier Communities where everyone’s opinion counts. 

Bulari& Lusuna
Me on the second last from right. I am the only one who got an opportunity to get an Education among these beautiful girls(My Sisters). Not because I was better than them, because those days, Education wasn’t for girls and the Society normalised it, but I dared to try.

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