Dickson Lesorogol, D-Key Music

My name is Dickson Lesorogol. I come from Kenya, Samburu County in a small village called Naiborkeju.I am an Artist. In Samburu we start singing at a tender age where we meet every night especially when the the sky is clear and the Moon is on the Sky (It’s totally dark without the Moon). Singing has always been my passion. My main inspiration to music is the situations happening around us. For example my first song (Lopiro lelesiolo) was inspired by the drought that struck the whole county for sometime. I am from the pastoralists community and livestock rearing is our livelihood in the samburu community the young morans(worriars) are the ones that take care of the animals. Therefore we move from place to another in search of green pastures and Water.
Dry Season is a very hard challenge for the community. We survive in the forest by cutting the twigs of trees for the animals, women are left at home taking care of the weak animals that can’t survive the Long distance walk for greener pastures. On the other hand Men dig Whales for both domestic and Wild animals. We share the little we have and sometimes we collided with Wild animals and due to the harsh climatic changes, it causes an aggression on both sides (Wild animals attack the domestic and the humans defend them). I got inspired by all these experiences and I decided to pass a strong message to the people through Music. My Music is mainly about Nature and our beautiful Culture.

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