After Corona, everything fell apart. Our beadwork business was affected as well. I started a new project of Agroforestry. The aim and objectives of this project is to create a sustainable food Securities. We started a food forest where we plant Indigenous trees, vegetables, fruits, maize , beans, herbs and spices. We have 10 women working at the farm where they water the trees and food. They work everyday in this farm. They get paid at the end of the month. Also have 12 students who work on holidays there to pay their school fees. 4 of them now finished High school with the help of our Food forest project. We started at the worst time possible when there was a terrible 4 year drought. So we used to buy water twice a week for the trees/farm. One trip always cost 40 EUR and we get two trips per week. Since last month(April) the rain started. Our food forest is doing so much better now. We will keep planting more trees and food and create more job opportunities to women and the community at large to sustain themselves through Nature . My dream is that this goes from one village to the next so that  our people can sustain themselves instead of depending on the government. 

Nature is our Religion and the good thing about Nature is that she takes care of you if you let her in. She Always gives back in abundance of love and blessings.

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Ready For planting