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Lopiro lelesiolo: Samburu are very close to Nature. They strongly believe in it. The mountains, rivers, lakes, Forest, animals (both domestic and Wild) and Humanity is a very sacred combination among the Community. Here the Artist expresses through this beautiful song the importance of all the natural resources we’ve got. Rain is the most important thing in the existence of the nature, so the Artist praises the Universe and the Goddess of the Universe (Nkai) for blessing the land with the blessings of the rain. He mentions the beauty of the land during the time of rain, and names so specific places in his area like (Miai, Rapan, Malalua) just to mention a few that is a total paradise when it’s green. When everything is green and enough water for all the animals (Both Domestic and Wild), the community lives in Peace.

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  1. Nikolei Haider (verified owner)

    Greater song

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Lopiro Lelesiolo